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Sešívačka (F4722736)
Special tool for fastening low voltage (below 50v) cables and coaxial cables up to 6.0 mm diameter. Adjustable driving force and bottom loading.• Uses Rapid No.36 10 to 14 mm staples.
3 463,00

LCD příslušenství

DVB-T/T2 Venkovní anténa 45 dB VHF (F1945877)
The BOSS Techsystem featured in the DATBOSS antenna, automaticcally controls the level of the received signal (either very high or very low) in order to always ensure an optimal output level. Its new design with TForce technology, makes this intelligent device even more versatile: IT STANDS OUT FOR: Low power consumption in intelligent mode. Dividend MAIN FEATURES: HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE: it allows you to receive high-quality TV in a variety of c..
1 738,00


Koaxiální Kabel Koax Zástrčka - RJ45 (8P8C) Zástrčka 2.00 m Bílá (F3800001)
• Frequency range 47-862 MHz
Koaxiální Kabel na Cívce 200 m (F4151293)
4151293 Cable Mini Coax, A / Eca (0.5 / 2.2) This cable is A / Eca-rated. - Double-shielded cable with loose overlapped foil and screen strap. - Perfect in case several coaxial cables will fit in the same tube. - A quality cable, with copper conductor and overlapped foil, which despite its thin diameter has relatively low damping. - Frequently used in MF systems where several households share the same dish. - Easy to place and easy to scale.
1 782,00
Koaxiální Kabel na Cívce RG59 100 m (F4151222)
RG-59T coaxial cable. Manufactured according to IEC50575 standards.
1 359,00
Koaxiální Kabel na Cívce RG59 500 m (F4151221)
RG-59T coaxial cable. Manufactured according to IEC50575 standards.
9 079,00
SMA Adaptér CRC9 - SMA Zásuvka Černá (F4536001)
3G/4G adapter AC-CRC9, SMA hona-CRC9. For Huawei 160, 230,17
SMA Adaptér TS9 - SMA Zásuvka Černá (F4536002)
3G/4G adapter AC-TS9, SMA hona-TS9. For Siera 309, ZTE
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